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Ocean Needs Everyone


For 2023 I am sponsoring the Ocean Needs Everyone

O.N.E.--Ocean Needs Everyone--isn't specifically geared to protecting any one species of animal. Rather, its mission is to cleanse the oceans of plastic pollution. Plastic threatens every single creature that lives in the ocean, from the smallest plankton to the largest whale. O.N.E. is not your typical organization, because it was founded by Enzo Wilson...a teenager! Before he was even sixteen years old, Mr. Wilson got out there and founded a non-profit to protect the ocean he loves. O.N.E. runs regular beach cleanups, regular outreach to elementary schools, and has launched campaigns to help raise support for manatees and other critters, all to tell everyone just how serious the plastic crisis is. I first learned about O.N.E. when I saw Mr. Wilson competing on American Ninja Warrior, and like many other amazing ninjas on the show, he used his moment in the spotlight to spread awareness about an important issue rather than hog the glory for himself. We need more passionate kids like Enzo! Support him and his quest to protect the ocean, because the ocean really does need everyone!"

Stephen Curro


The Gray Muzzle Society

The Gray Muzzle Society believes that every pet deserves to grow old with a family that loves them. They work to keep pets with their families and help elder and special needs homeless pets find their forever home until their end of days by providing financial support to families in need. They know that both people and their pets need assistance and they focus on this reality.

For the owners, they help them connect with resources to provide them with their own basic necessities. They aim to keep pets with their owners as long as possible through grants and donations to assist with low/no-cost veterinarian care, food, spay and neutering, education, and financial assistance for pets and their people. (In many cases the owners pass away, are moved where they can no longer keep their pet, or do not have the resources to care for themselves or their pets.) When this occurs, they utilize a large network of foster volunteers who welcome pets in need into their homes. Whether you have room for just one pet or a few, you can keep them for several weeks or a few years providing a loving home for them to feel safe and secure in their final days. They have both foster programs and adoption programs.

The Gray Muzzle Society is not limited to dogs and cats. They own Gray Muzzle Ranch in Morrison, Colorado where they care for homeless goats, pigs, and other abandoned and abused animals. They are always on the lookout for any animal in need and offer a "no questions asked" surrender opportunity.


This year Taproot Guru will be donating funds to this great organization.

How can you help?

Visit their website at:

There are many opportunities for marketing, ranch-hand help and donations, fostering, monetary donations, even providing transportation to appointments. Spreading the word is always appreciated and costs nothing!

Thank you for helping Taproot Guru to support them. Like Taproot, they are a unique organization which focuses on BOTH the human and the animal.

Annette Aldridge


The Gentle Barn


My selection this year is The Gentle Barn. They have several locations throughout the US and they’re currently fund raising to open a sanctuary in New York State. Their mission really touched my heart, and they are the reason I’ve finally had the strength to stop eating meat and poultry completely. They have saved countless farm animals that otherwise would have gone to slaughter, given them a safe haven, comfort and love, and they educate people, especially children, through hands on interaction with all of their rescues at their sanctuaries. 

This is a bit of how they describe their mission from their website:

Maria Casolaro



Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Flying Fur Animal Rescue

People often speak of "going to the shelter to adopt a rescue dog". Shelters are an integral part of the rescue process and we are eternally grateful for the work they do. BUT, have you ever considered HOW the dogs get to the shelters? It turns out, there is a very complex system of moving dogs from overfilled situations to shelters that can accommodate them. More importantly, systems in place to move dogs from "kill shelters" to "no-kill shelters."

There ARE guardian angels who fill that very role in getting these pups moved that you may not even know about. Let me introduce you to the non-profit I would like to support this year. Please meet: Flying Fur Animal Rescue! ( ... the doggies travel by plane and by bus to get to their new homes!

"Flying Fur Animal Rescue was founded in 2015 on the idea of helping desperate animals in need, in a unique fashion. Every day, healthy, loving animals throughout this country are condemned to euthanization, simply because they cannot get to other areas where they would otherwise be adopted…we help to change those odds.

Through a network of animal rescue organizations and ground transport, we help to move animals from kill shelters to areas where they will be adopted, and given a second chance at life. Many times air transport is the safest and most efficient way to transport these animals. Usually we can help move animals from shelter to rescue within the same day.

Since our initial rescue flight, we’ve helped save over 2,500 animals; just one man, an aircraft and a bus, spending $1,000 a month out of his pocket to do it. Our long term goals are much larger – a larger aircraft to help transport more animals per flight, a new custom ground vehicle, and build out our rescue kennel in southeastern Pennsylvania.".


Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Debbie Murphy


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