Do you know ... what animal has the longest memory? Find out here!

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Taproot Guru is proud to support, both financially and personnally, the following organizations for the 2023 campaign:

Ocean Needs Everyone

The Gray Muzzle Society

The Gentle Barn

Flying Fur Animal Rescue

Nothing really gives us more "Awwww" moments than heartwarming stories involving the critters with which we share this Earth!
We firmly believe that people today need every positive, inspiring story they can hear!

To address that need, we are asking YOU to

"Share Your Story!"

... tell us your stories involving the amazing critters near and dear to your heart and/or the glorious animals you encounter out in nature.

Mission ...

It is our mission to be the taproot source for positive, accurate and inspiring information in regards to the animal kingdom and their interaction with humanity .... to be a voice for the animals.

"What is man without the beast? If all beasts were gone, man would die from great loneliness of Spirit" ...Chief Seattle, Suquamish Tribe. Chief Seattle Letter

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